Drug Court Intensive Outpatient Services

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Southeastern New Hampshire Services is a substance use disorders program for men and women aged 18 and above, who are residents of Strafford County.  Clients are referred to the IOP Program via a Strafford County Drug Court Program, as the IOP Program works in partnership with the Drug Court.

The minimum length of treatment is 13 months, for clients beginning in Level 1 of this 4-level program.  Program components include group psychotherapy, psycho-education, individual therapy, and aftercare.  Clients move through progressive levels as they complete relevant treatment objectives related to understanding the nature of addiction, relapse prevention, and development of an effective recovery program.  The IOP Program requires clients to maintain a commitment to abstinence from all use of addictive substances.  It also requires attendance at a minimum of three AA/NA meetings per week.  Graduates of the IOP Program who are still on probationary status with the drug court may be eligible to return to IOP treatment in a 22-week Relapse Track if they experience a relapse episode after graduation from IOP.

All clients are participants in the Strafford County Drug Court Program, a sentencing program for clients who have a diagnosed substance use disorder and have been convicted of drug-related offenses.  Their cases are overseen by a committee including the IOP Clinical Program Coordinator, the IOP Counselor, the Drug Court Director, the Criminal Justice Programming Coordinator, two Case Managers, two Superior Court Judges, the Public Defender, the County Prosecutor, and several Probation and Parole Officers.  Clients receive ongoing case management, therapy, and regular reviews in court, and random drug testing, with a frequency of contact dependent upon the phase of the program in which they are participating.

For additional information:

For more information about this Southeastern NH Services treatment program, please contact us at (603) 516-8160, or through e-mail at senhs@co.strafford.nh.us.

To inquire about how to enter the Strafford County Drug Court Program itself, please contact the Drug Court Program directly, at (603) 516-7193.

Outpatient Services

The agency provides traditional outpatient services, including individual, group, family and couples counseling with Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors.  Services also include substance abuse evaluations, assessments, and DWI aftercare counseling.